Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's occurred to me that I should probably be posting stuff on here about the Tuesday afternoon screenings that I attend. The purpose of these screenings is to showcase television programs that have some sort of historical relevance or tangential relationship to current events. Or, as in the case of yesterday's screening, is just pretty freakin' awesomely bad. The other criterion for these screenings is that they are generally not available in a commercial format. Yes, the screenings are pretty much an opportunity to play in Bob Thompson's massive video archive. Enter Automan:

The show was made by the people that brought you The A-Team and Knight Rider only this was not as well written. We watched two episodes. The first, episode eight: "Renegade's Run" was about a biker gang who's leader's sister is forced into signing off on a house sale by a crooked Arizona sheriff. And I think she's dating Desi Arnaz Jr's character? I can't remember. Also, the computer generated hologram Automan goes undercover as a biker and becomes the new gang leader after a ten minute sequence of Follow the Leader. By the end of that sequence I made the comment that I had forgotten what the A-story was and I was only half joking.

Episode eleven, entitled "Zippers" involved a Chippendale's-like strip club and corporate espionage. I have no idea who the target demo was for this program. Also, the asexual Automan goes undercover as God's gift to strippers which could lead to a thesis topic if anyone actually wanted to explore it. Honestly, as fun as these episodes were from a snark standpoint, I'm somewhat amazed that the show lasted 13 episodes.

Bonus question: What is Cursor up to nowadays?

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