Tuesday, February 9, 2010

RPDR Pre-cap 2-2

This week is all about Bad Girls of the Donna Summer variety. The mini-challenge has the girls giving RuPaul dolls makeovers from glam to the sort of tranny hookers that the Scissor Sisters sing about. Each doll had two mommies, but with eleven contestants Mystique was left on her own. She didn't win but Sahara Davenport and Pandora Boxx did. They earned the right to be team captains for the mainstage challenge. Team Sahara featured Tyra, Juju, Mystique, and Jessica. Team Pandora had Raven, Morgan (who had immunity), Sonique, Tatianna and Nicole Paige Brooks.

The teams will be putting on a burlesque show for an all-male audience. After a training session with some pole dancing experts, the teams have to work on their choreography and costume design. Tyra does not respond well to Sahara at all and there is much dramarama -- infused with the Valium that is Tyra. When it comes to the actual challenge, the teams learn that the team with the most tips will win the challenge and the biggest contributor to the win will get immunity. Also, while one team performs the other team will be selling gift certificates outside the theater to supplement their totals.

Team Sahara wins the challenge and Sahara won immunity. On the runway, Team Pandora is evaluated in their glamwear and asked the dreaded "Who should go home?" question. Tatianna was on the receiving end from most of her teammates, and not in the fun. Ultimately NPB and Raven (the lowest contributors to their group) were told to LSFYL. Raven totally owned the performance, forcing NPB to sashay away.

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